The Goodness of Flavorful Grains

Healthy food from the heartland of America comes straight off the farm through our  Mill and into your hands about as quickly as from anybody you can find. Freshness matters, especially with flavor. Prairie Mills tries to always bring the best flavor Mother Nature has to offer for each of the products offered from each year's crop. Like all grains and fruits, each year has its own flair and sometimes we forget "that is how nature works".  To get the best of the best each year,  it requires a team of dedicated professionals that know what happens within the farm field, the harvest period, and then how the grains are stored until Milled and shipped to you. 

Yellow and White Corn Products

Milling Grains from the Heartland

The middle of America around the Great Lakes has some of the finest soil on the earth. The Cornbelt is famous for its productivity. Indiana is home to Prairie Mills and in the heartland of this country is one of the most well established milling companies known for premium quality and good service.

History of Prairie Mills


There is sunshine in your nutrition, and good things ahead with about any food you make with Prairie Mills premium quality milled products.